Updating x conf file

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Updating x conf file

You can configure the web server to act as a Web DAV host.

For more information about editing the configuration file, see the Apache documentation at The new password is used as input to create the new encryption key used during the encryption process.The syntax for changing the password of an existing key database with GSKCapi Cmd is as follows: With Directory Server V6.2 or below - use GSKit v7 based gsk7capicmd_64 / gsk7capicmd: 1.1 If this is the Key Database that the ITDS server is configured to use, you must update the file to reflect the new password.Adobe Media Server listens on port 80 and proxies HTTP requests to Apache over port 8134.Setting the parameter to no value disables HTTP proxying: Apache can deliver SWF files, HTML files, JPG files, and many other standard file types over HTTP.

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If you install and enable the web server, you can deliver client SWF files, container HTML pages, and media assets from Adobe Media Server. In addition, you can serve video over HTTP progressive download as a fallback solution for web proxies that break RTMP or RTMPT.

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